Article 6: The Truth About Aliens

The time arrived when I brought up the subject of so-called aliens. Are they fact or fantasy? If such a life form does exist, why are they so coy? “Come out of the shadows and show yourself!”

A: “You ask about extraterrestrial life. This is an energy field which may impinge on the total human Organism – humanity – for various reasons. In physical the individual encountering it will undergo a process in which her mind attempts to identify and interpret what she is experiencing. Her mind, quite beyond the level of conscious awareness, continues to reinterpret the energy field until it presents her with an ‘object’ she can recognize and relate to and make sense of. In other words her mind presents her with a ‘signature’ of the energy field, a signature furthermore which she herself created. In interpreting the energy field she created an ET.”

Some weeks before we discussed a subject which must be touched on if our dialogue is to be progressed: the common subconscious mind. This is part of the mind of every person in physical which is joined to every other, a repertoire or reservoir we all share. Every individual draws on this area of sentience according to their unique needs, without being aware of it, and in the process obtains critically pertinent insights and emotions. It contains everything in the mind of every person in physical. It is also a steering mechanism available to the total human Organism. It completes the individual and indirectly the total Organism.

A: “As more ETs are encountered the process of identifying them changes. With every alien encounter a message relating to them is fed from the person into the common subconscious mind. A predisposition becomes established. Every interface with an ET energy field subsequently comes to produce the same interpretation or signature in the mind of the person encountering the energy field. A template, a mental-emotional pattern, has been created.

“While the individual herself has created the signature by drawing on the template, any resulting communication would be driven by the extraterrestrial energy field. An ET is a valid being in its own right as is the human being.”

Des: “Can you tell me anything about the collective energy field of the ETs? What sort of civilization do they belong to?”

A: “Of course an alien civilization has its own history and aspirations, its own eternal journey, probably none of it in physical form. The further we become removed from our own backyard, the less we know.”

Des: “Can communication with the ET energy field take place from where you are, from spirit? Another question: The accounts I’ve read about people encountering ETs. Do they have any reality?”

A: “Beyond what we have told you, a new infrastructure of analogies would be needed to introduce additional details.”

From time to time over nine months we discussed a spectrum of subjects in ever greater detail, including the nature and pertinence of the analogies we share, the significance of the common subconscious mind, and the makeup and meaning of the so-called total human Organism.