Article 5: The Unknown Hitler

On 3rd February 2008 a dialogue took place which included an examination of the positive uses of negative energy. In this context we studied an example, the role of Adolf Hitler: “Of course he was the epitome of evil, and had to be held accountable. Spiritually he was just a child. A normal pre-schooler is also capable of being a dictator, self-centred, blindly angry, manipulative and completely amoral. A child is a child.”

Des: “I’m tempted to say there aren’t many little ones who would maul you to death if you turned your back on them.”

“A” let that one go, and continued: “As in the case of a child being moulded and shaped by upbringing experiences, Hitler was the product of events in Europe during his formative years. At that time conflict, including the horrors of the First World War and other intensely negative appetites, percolated within the communities of Europe and elsewhere.

“An important point will now be made: Hitler merely gave form and substance to the emotions which existed at that time and during the preceding decades. He gave them a vehicle. He was the creation of those who nurtured hatred and fostered all types of discrimination, as well as those who tolerated it or ignored it.

“As we have discussed, consciousness, which embraces us all, is about creating. Consciousness is a matrix – within a matrix, within a matrix – an infinite womb or mould. We are all creating within it, with every thought and every activity. It is not possible to stop creating, as it is not possible for a healthy child to stop growing. Not only are we creating at the individual level, but also at the collective level. Every group is creating, if its members share common interests or beliefs, be they ethnic or religious or political.”

Des: “And you suggest Hitler was part of that process in the decades before the Second World War.”

A: “The process can be called Justice, or Learning, or simply the polarization of physical energy, depending on which model is used. But yes, Hitler incorporated that energy, he feasted on it, and eventually he represented it. He went on to pour over the communities of Europe the venom they produced. Hitler was the justice ordered up by European society.”

Des: “To what end?”

A: “Suffering causes an awareness of what others feel when they suffer. Empathy! In slow stages growth takes place and we become better human beings. We evolve by our own hand, according to the unerring, creative influence of consciousness or nature.”

Des: “Hitler the Savior. I’m not sure it will catch on.”

A: “There is little cause to be flippant or superior. The societies of the developed world are creating their own Hitlers even now, when they squander resources while uncounted hundreds of thousands in Third World countries die of malnutrition or its diseases.”