Article 3: Many Questions, Many Answers

Six months after Val’s death I moved to a series of questions that could possibly open onto whole areas of understanding. We discussed positive and negative energy and the manner in which they influenced emotions and therefore behavior on the physical plane. Various other subjects were canvassed.

With some exceptions they were remote from my wife’s personal knowledge, and I was helped to understand how they were channeled to me through her mind from an amorphous presence I referred to as “A”. After some time I found myself communicating directly with this mysterious person or group or agency, whose identity was never revealed.

They helped me understand that the answers were to be considered analogous constructs, put together into a framework to make known their carefully sculpted agenda.

As the project progressed, the purpose behind this agenda became clear – sometimes chillingly so. On occasion I wondered whether I had opened a Pandora’s Box.

The Departure

We started off discussing Val’s circumstances: the moment before death and the moment after; her experiences at her own funeral; the bleak time when she drifted between one plane of existence and the next; the meeting with family members, including our daughter who died 40 years before due to miscarriage; and the strange phenomenon of timelessness. Almost every question I could think of received an answer – occasionally to my dismay.


The details of Val’s reunion with her cats, at least those she owned during our 40 years together, were interesting and warming. She loved her animals. Her account will uplift any reader who has lost a treasured animal.

She went on to give me insights about the one-second IADC® meeting I previously had with a deceased animal, an experience which taught me something completely removed from animals. The dialogue then moved to an amazing discussion about the nature of the animal kingdom. Almost abruptly my view of myself and human condition changed. It has never been the same since.

The Famous Kennedy Family

Due to the spontaneous question-answer process, the subjects we talked about tended to vary widely, even on the same day. As an example I found we were discussing the deceased members of an American First Family. What had become of this modern Court of Camelot?

Euthanasia and Abortion

It is certain the Kennedys’ Catholic faith provided strict “pro-life” guidance on euthanasia and abortion. My analytical discussion with “A” extended from time to time over a number of months, and produced a much more complex tapestry. Some of these twisted threads I had never encountered.

The “Betrayal” of Mother Teresa by God

Time magazine, September 3, 2007, contained a comprehensive article on the “Saint of the Gutters”. Drawing on private letters written by her between the 1950s and shortly before her death, it was revealed that the devout nun wrestled with demons for most of her life, and felt abandoned by God.

“A” provided a detailed explanation of Mother Teresa’s despairing and well-documented battle, provided reasons for her torment, and answered all my questions.

Heaven and Hell: What Are They?

Likewise I was helped to understand what is meant by the terms heaven and hell, which underpin Christianity and many other major religions. I was unsettled by what I was told.

Why Does Illness Occur?

The insights flowing from this question-answer sequence turn the aspirations of our medical and psychological communities on their heads. I was told “we don’t cure an illness, the illness cures us”, and the meaning of these words was made clear. Until we can accept this premise in a practical way, new diseases will develop even as existing ones are defeated.

The Infinite Destiny of Every Human Being

Perhaps more than any other section, this one provides an epiphanic comment on the nature of the human condition, its place in the universe, and the destiny that awaits every individual human being.

The Late Great Human Race

The foregoing section notwithstanding, this somber judgment is one we have handed to ourselves because of our own behavior. I was told, “The time has arrived when the communities of the developed world have the maturity and the ability to respond to the challenges they face on a global scale. In these pages you have been informed of your responsibilities as well as the consequences of continuing as before. With natural law there is no punishment, there is merely the implacable influence of cause and effect. Learning will proceed as always. How it does so is up to you. No longer is it possible to say you don’t know.”