ELAINE MILLS:  A family member in the UK talked about the publicity for your book in that country, allthough it was published in the US.  But I have seen nothing but nothing in little old New Zealand.  I was wondering why.


DES:  BEYOND belongs mainly to a specialist genre, and that niche is so small in NZ it is almost non-existent.  However the book is stocked in every one of 100 libraries in this country and can be ordered from most retailers.  The following promotional information was distributed to every member of the New Zealand Society of Authors in August 2013.


BEYOND, Des’ second book (American Book Publishing; 242 pages, previously published as THE LITTLEST CRUSADE), was “channeled” by the author, a mental healthcare consultant, while in a neurological trance in 2007-2008.  Immediately his wife of 40 years died, he used the revolutionary American technique, which he helped develop and used in his clinical practice, and “followed” her.  For at least an hour at a time, every second day for nine months, he engaged in an intricately detailed dialogue with his wife Val and especially with those in her environment.  Some of the information he disagreed with, and on one occasion he was taken to task by an amorphous group who declined to provide details about themselves.  Discussions included daughter Tanya who was stillborn.  The claim is made that these revelations have never before been seen in the field of esoteric philosophy;  perhaps because Des has also been a “psychic” from early childhood – as was Val.  There is no evidence that the two disparate techniques have ever been merged in the past.  Subjects covered include the most forbidden and appalling – including a grim warning about the immediate future, which even now is unfolding.