DES.  Having read BEYOND, “James” was intrigued by the extensive discussion about animals in the after-death state, in terms he had never encountered before.  He asked if I had any views on the innate psychic ability animals in physical , as he had observed unusual behaviour in his own cats and dogs.


My response:  Members of the scientific community have stated that various animal species are receptive to slightly different spectra of light frequencies.  It follows that almost certainly some animals see what we fail to see.  Discarnate (spirit) life can occupy the same space we occupy, so there is no reason why animals should not discern it.


The following observations are made by Margaret Holmes in Two Worlds magazine in the UK (January 2013).  Biologist Rupert Sheldrake believes that various animals possess inborn abilities which Homo sapiens once had but lost.  As the result of a series of research projects, he says pets may possess “morphic fields” enabling a pet to pick up the distant approach of its owner.  Premonition is another subject covered by Sheldrake in his book, where it is documented how animals give warning of earthquakes and other events about to take place.


So yes, there is no reason to discount the possibility your cat or dog picks up discarnate activity; while at the same time acknowledging our limitations when it comes to understanding the full nature and extent of our environment.