DES.  In our cynical world is it even possible for the average person to accept that a book can originate in the after-death state?  Furthermore, this one was obtained by an unknown individual living on an island in the South Pacific.


My challenge, as that individual, is to make the facts more believable, the process more transparent, the evidence more accessible.  I have a suggestion along these lines.  If a completely independent, scientifically acknowledged polygraph (lie detector) expert is contracted, I will make myself available to be tested.  Any or every statement appearing in the book can be examined.  Certainly the source of the information, the identity of the people who wrote it, is a matter that can be settled once and for all, and regular accusations that BEYOND is a work of fiction can be dismissed.


In fact I entranced myself and “took dictation” from my deceased wife, who in turn accessed details from others in her environment.  Some of it was entirely removed from my personal belief structure.  On one occasion I was taken to task by the people originating the information.  A number of times I was dismissed angrily by my wife.  I was appalled by some of the facts presented to me, and one or two of the prophecies made.


If a polygraph test turns up a lack of truthfulness on my part, the book as well as my reputation will crash and burn.  If my integrity is established, people who are interested might at least give me an honest hearing.  I can ask for nothing more.