DES.  In an email to me, Julie mentioned that 21st December 2012 is getting closer and closer, “when the world is supposed to end.  Is your book anything to do with that date?”

Yes Julie, the next few years mark a period of great change.  BEYOND  talks about great change, as part of a natural cycle, but also made more significant because of our behavior.  The book discusses circumstances that go far beyond global warming and pollution.  It invites us to examine a profound reality – which is challenging, illuminating, creative, grim – that has never before been encountered by the species.  For the first time we have reached a threshold of emotional maturity where the planet is our responsibility, to do with what we will.  Collectively we have unfolded and grown into that potential over so many thousands of years.  No child is a child forever!  We have no alternative but to accept the fact, and indeed our destiny hinges on what we do about it.  In the pages of BEYOND we are being encouraged.  We are being counselled.  We are being warned.

The world as we know it is about to end, because a change is taking place.  What follows is up to us.