“Beyond” by Desmond Long

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Have you ever asked yourself – Is There Life After Death?

What happens when we pass away?

Can we truly communicate with the deceased?

You will find irrefutable proof of communication

with the deceased in “Beyond” by Desmond Long.

Des communicated over an 18-month period with his

Wife, a medium, who passed away in 2007.

He was shocked by the clarity and the extent

to which his most probing questions were answered,

and the depth of detail that was explained.

Nothing was off limits. What sort of questions were answered?

  • Where do our beloved animals go?
  • What happens when we pass away?
  • Do we meet our loved ones that went before?
  • The death of a baby
  • A daughter in spirit
  • Is there Heaven or Hell?
  • Why must we suffer?
  • Prophecy
  • Past Lives

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A few kind words about “Beyond”

I have finished “Beyond” (previoulsy The Littlest Crusade), and must say it answered so many questions which other books on the subject have never answered. Furthermore it left me feeling calm and comfortable.

I feel it is necessary to read this book with both the intellect and the heart in order to gain the maximum understanding.

Of importance also is to take note of the major themes developing exponentially throughout.

I have been told that we cannot live life to the full until we really know what happens afterwards – when we die. Now I feel I can live life more fully. Now I feel more complete.
Frances Small

Intriguingly, Long himself apparently disagreed with a lot of what he was told, which makes unlikely the popular notion that “spirit communication” invariably comes from the communicator’s own mind.
Dolly Young

Beyond is deep reading for the open-minded reader. If you are such, I think you will enjoy this information...
Kathy W